Being a woman in Jazz, Janine dedicates her career in music and education to being a voice for change within the community.

Born and raised in Calgary, Janine moved to Vancouver to complete a Bachelor of Music followed by a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. She has been an active member of the Vancouver music scene for six years, working as a trombonist with countless ensembles and across many genres. She has recently returned from working as a teacher for students with Special Needs in Melbourne, Australia, and continues to be an inspiring educator and musician in the city of Vancouver. 

While pursuing a classical degree at the University of British Columbia, Janine expanded her musicianship to become involved in jazz, new music and electro-acoustic projects. She has shared the stage and the studio with many of Vancouver and Melbourne’s great musicians, as well as having traveled across the globe to perform. She recently performed at Vancouver’s Jazz Festival with the experimental big band Space Elevator. 

Facing the realities of the under-representation of women in Jazz, Janine has been outspoken about the lack of female role models in the industry, as well as the certain demands and intimations of working as a female trombonist in today’s world. As a member of the Sister Jazz Orchestra, Janine combines her passion for the empowerment of young women and her love of music making to push the boundaries of the genre, increase the visible representation of women in the industry, and inspire tomorrow’s women of Jazz.