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SJO is the only all-female professional jazz orchestra in Canada.

Why does this matter?

Canadian jazz audiences are not discovering the rich artistic contributions of the female jazz community as performers, composers and arrangers. It's like reading only the literature that's been written by men - half of humanity's story is missing!

The Sister Jazz Orchestra, created by Christian Morrison in 2019, is an 18-woman jazz ensemble showcasing Vancouver's most accomplished female musicians.

It's a celebration of mainstream big band jazz from the female perspective - the other half of the story. These dynamic musicians will entertain and move you and enrich your jazz experience.


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Discover the music of women
Mary Lou Who?

Do women even write music for big band?

Every big band fan knows Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman. But did you know that one of their important and influential composer/arrangers was Mary Lou Williams?

From the 1920s through today, a diverse and powerful library of big band music has been written by scores of talented women, including Canada's own Juno award-winning Christine Jensen and Vancouver bandleader Jill Townsend.

SJO will take you on a musical journey of discovery through this rich repertoire, leaving you both informed and inspired.

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SJO is purpose-driven

We exist to showcase, empower and inspire the female jazz community.

Giving female jazz artists more visibility, paid work and talent development opportunities.
Encouraging girls by providing visible female role models in jazz.
Building a professional network for the female jazz community.
Come and hear the difference!
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